chess king
  Specializing in start-ups, turnarounds, growth opportunities, customer relations, re-organizations and re-focusings in the government, commercial and research sectors.

“David serves as a mentor to many people, and is a natural leader and entrepreneur who is respected and cherished by those who have the opportunity to work with and learn from him."

Jim Knudson
Deputy CIO
Commonwealth of PA

“Your counsel on balance of life and networking really hit home with me. No one has given me as much time as you did or spoken so openly with me. I really appreciate your help, counsel and time.”

Manish Agarwal
Vice President and Managing Partner

“David's business advice gave me key insights and guidance. I highly recommend David to anyone who is serious about their business”.

Kevin H. Brown, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer
National Apartment Association

“Your executive consulting increased my confidence and gave me additional insights. It was well-worth the time and effort”

John G. Secondari
Management Consultant